The Link Between Gallbladder Disease and Diabetes

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There have been many studies recently investigating the potential links between gallbladder disease and diabetes. There is a lot of interest among scientists who are trying to figure out what the relationship is between the two conditions. While the results are still preliminary at best, they seem to support theories suggesting a link between the two, and that it’s important to manage, or better yet, prevent type 2 diabetes in order to enjoy a healthy digestive system.

There are several theories put forward by scientists as to the relationship between gallbladder disease and diabetes. One of them is that people with type 2 diabetes are overweight, which itself is a significant cause of gallbladder disease. Obese people will have more cholesterol in their bile, which can form gallstones as they accumulate and harden in the gallbladder.

Another theory is that diabetes can damage the nerves that control bowel and gallbladder movement, restricting the release of bile. This bile can accumulate and form gallstones.

There are many ways to manage diabetes to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and prevent gallstones. This includes regular exercise, a change in diet, and medication. Of course, preventing diabetes offers much better health outcomes. Regular exercise, monitoring your weight, eating a balanced diet, and controlling your blood pressure are all important factors in reducing the likelihood of obesity, diabetes, and in turn gallbladder disease.

If you suspect you have gallbladder disease, Dr. Andrew J Rochman’s clinic is able to help you with a diagnosis, as well as providing you with your options for treatment, including medication or surgery.

Consult with us as soon as possible to prevent complications and to get started on a journey towards improved wellness.

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