I met Dr. Rochman in the ER shortly after I was told I had appendicitis. His bedside manner was awesome. He comforted me when I told him I was scared. He discussed everything with me and calmed me down. The surgery went over without any issues and he followed up with me the next day. The post-op office visit was great. The office staff was great. Everyone was very sweet. I would recommend Dr. Rochman to all my family and friends.

Kerry M. Posted 04/09/2018


Dr. Rochman is a great doc. Very personable. He is a very down to earth doctor and very thought with his work up on his patients

Andy Posted 04/09/2018


I have known Dr. Rochman for 10 years. He literally saved my life. I have found him to be the most caring Dr. I have ever known, He is so completely dedicated to his patients and their care. He is professional and thoughtful. He accurately diagnosed my condition and has followed up with me for the past 10 years, despite the fact that he does not take my insurance. He continues to care for me. I love him, I trust him with my life…and I would NEVER let anyone else operate on me. He is wonderful!

Lori M. Posted 04/09/2018


I knew I had “something wrong” for many years because about 20 minutes after I ate I would get an upset stomach which would last for a little while but I wouldn’t see a doctor because I didn’t think it was a big deal. That was until one day when I was driving with my young son in the car and I had a severe gall bladder attack and knew that not addressing the issue could be dangerous to not just me but now my son as well. I immediately set up an appointment with Dr. Rochman who scheduled surgery. After surgery I was released on the same day and I was dancing at my Uncle’s wedding four days later!

Bonnie O. Posted 04/09/2018


I had an emergency cholecystectomy at my local hospital, and Dr. Rochman was the surgeon assigned to perform the surgery. Upon meeting him in the emergency room, I felt very comfortable with him. Dr. Rochman seemed very experienced and professional. He assured me that everything was going to be fine. The surgery was performed laparoscopically and everything turned out great. Today, my scars have healed very well. The scars are visible but I think that their appearance are very acceptable and minimal. Dr. Rochman listened and answered all questions I had before and after the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Rochman to anyone who is in need of a general surgeon.

Carol Y. Posted 04/09/2018


Dr. Rochman is one of the kindest, empathetic, and compassionate doctors I have ever had the privilege of meeting. These qualities are only surpassed by his medical/surgical abilities. His bedside manners were impeccable. I had never been hospitalized before, no less facing surgery for colon cancer. He was so reassuring and understood that I was having a very difficult time with the possible results of this. He was able to complete the surgery without a colostomy, which was my biggest fear. I believe with all my heart that he did everything possible, over and above to achieve these results. I could not have hand picked a doctor of higher standards. My sincere gratitude to Dr Rochman and his staff for all there compassion and top quality care.

John H. Posted 04/09/2018


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