Shannon joined our professional varicose vein center in 2008. As an ultrasound technologist, Shannon is responsible for the proper and comprehensive evaluation of our vascular ultrasound exams. An expert in the field of functional studies, Shannon is trained and educated in both echo and vascular studies with a primary focus in the area of venous testing. Shannon’s ability to acutely detect and map the venous system through her ultrasound procedures compliments our ability to properly evaluate and diagnosis patients entrusted in our care.

Shannon’s brings her competency, compassion and professionalism to the Advanced Vein Care Solutions team, thus ensuring the most comprehensive, meticulous and caring approach while in her care.

Leading up to her involvement with Advanced Vein Care Solutions, Shannon served with the United States Air Force as a medical technician, has been a medical assistant and gives her time as an ambulance volunteer.

Shannon attended Sanford Brown Institute for Cardiovascular Imaging and was trained by Vascular Solutions for EVLT.

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