Lisa C rejoined the Advanced Vein Care Solutions team in 2006 after being out on maternity leave. As Practice Manager, she plays an important role in the comprehensive care and management each patient receives at our establishment. Lisa is responsible for overseeing all aspects and daily operations of the practice, attends to the needs of each of our patients, coordinates and supervises staff daily activities, facilitates practice accounting and works alongside Dr. Rochman in determining the best direction for the overall growth of the practice.

Ms. C is considered an honest, loyal, sincere and hard working individual by her peers and brings more than 20 years of experience and knowledge to the Advanced Vein Care Solution team.

Prior to joining Advanced Vein Care Solutions, she worked for the National Claim Administration as a Claims Manager, an attribute well appreciated within our medical practice. Lisa asserts her open style of communication, friendly attitude, and results oriented approach guides her interest in working with Dr. Rochman and the Advanced Vein Care Solution’s team. Her professionalism, expertise and true concern for others ensures her patients will receive the highest quality care when visiting our center.

Lisa is a graduate of Long Island University in Long Island, NY where she received her Bachelors of Administration in International Studies at the CW Post campus.

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